Allan Downie Kernow Pipes and DrumsAs a boy in Glasgow, I loved pipe bands and learned to play the pipes with the local Boys Brigade band.  After graduating from university, I worked in the USA where I played with the City of Rochester Pipe Band in upstate New York.  I then moved to Canberra Australia, where my pipe playing expanded into playing for dancing with a folk band at woolshed dances.  A special memory I have in Australia was playing the pipes high up on the roof of a friend’s house overlooking Sydney harbour on the night of the Australian bicentenary in 1988.  I returned to the UK in 1988 and I only played occasionally for several years.  In 2014 I met up with Alex McColl, who encouraged me to join the Kernow Pipes and Drums, even though I am in Cornwall only some of the time.  I really enjoy playing pipes with this friendly and very supportive group.