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Tom Gower

When I retired from Tom Gower Studios I started learning the pipes in  May 2009 with the Kernow pipes and drums at the age of 70, and I enjoy every minute. I’ve  been in a few non pro bands, concert, jazz, folk. I reckon my favourite tune on the pipes would be Mairi’s Wedding .

(At present Tom is concentrating on tutoring the expanding drum corps.)

Keith Ives

Keith Ives Kernow Pipes and DrumsKeith Ives from St Mawes is a Kernow Pipes and Drums Bass Drummer.

His previous drumming experience was in 1974, playing a tenor drum in the Giggleswick School C.C.F. Band.

For 30 years he was a chef, having trained at the Savoy Hotel in London. He now runs a mobile knife and tool sharpening business. Other interests include Amateur Dramatics (He is the Stage Manager for St Mawes Players) and  a governor at St Mawes C.P. School.

Chris Nixon

Kernow Pipes and Drums Chris NixonChris joined us as a snare drummer, but is happy to take over the bass drum when the need arises.

Vic Coop

Vic Coop, Kernow Pipes and DrumsI started with music with piano lessons, then accordion. Followed with playing cornet with the sally army in Manchester. I then played with various camp bands in the RAF as drummer/bugler. Now I have the pleasure playing with these lovely folk!

Kelvyn Cruddace

Kelvyn Cruddace, Kernow Pipes and DrumsI wanted to learn the pipes after my father’s death, as he was a big fan of the bagpipes, so I joined Kernow Pipes and Drums in 2016. Throughout 2017 I slowly progressed with the pipes while joining the band on their appearances as “water boy”. As it was a slow progress, I decided to learn the tenor drum in the meantime and marched with them for the first time at the Truro City of Lights January 2018.


Henry is currently our youngest member and is learning snare drum.

Geoff Mitchell

Band Secretary Geoff Mitchell joined the Army at age 17 and served in the Royal Tank Regiment.  On leaving, he worked in the car industry as an Engineering Machinist, but later obtained a sponsorship to the London School of Economics and Political Science where he gained a diploma in Social Studies.  Following this he worked for the London Borough of Hamersmith and Fulham, becoming a Senior Social Worker until his early retirement and subsequent move to Cornwall 25 years ago.

Having played in Pipe bands in London, Geoff has played in Pipe Bands in Cornwall as a drummer for the last 19 years.

Geoff is married to Ann, who also helps out with the Band, making tea on practice nights among other things; they have four children and seven grandchildren.

Being Band Secretary is Geoff’s main pre-occupation – contact him by email or by phone on 01503 262809 to book Kernow Pipes and Drums for your event.

Tom Wheeler

Snare drummer Tom Wheeler joined the RAF as a boy apprentice and served for 34 years, reaching the rank of Squadron Leader before he retired.  Following this he worked as an Airfield Electrician at Newquay Airport.  Tom Wheeler, snare drummer with kernow pipes and drums

Tom previously played with the RAF band for five years and following moving to Cornwall, he joined the Cornwall Caledonian Band, then later moved to Kernow Pipes and Drums, where he has been playing for the past four years.  He has also played with Exeter City Pipe Band, visiting Spain celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the famous battle for the bridge at Arnhem (John Frost Bridge).  Tom has also played with the Royal Regiments of Scotland at the Gelledrome Stadium, home of FC Arnhem, Holland.