Drummers with Kernow Pipes and DrumsThe Kernow Pipes and Drums has a number of youth members who make a significant contribution to the overall quality of sound that is produced by the Band. Starting any instrument while young is always best and enables skills to be readily acquired. However, these youth members are supported 100% by their parents who are either band members themselves or accompany their children to band practice and engagements.

The Band has a robust Safeguarding Policy which is in place to ensure a safe environment for youth members to enjoy learning and playing within the Band. This policy relies on the disciplined conduct of the membership, combined with close parental supervision, and so there can be no thought that your child is left solely in the responsibility of Band members.

There is a requirement for genuine commitment and enthusiasm when learning any instrument and this is likely to be noticeable to parents within 4-6 weeks of starting to play the instrument, which can give an indication of the success or otherwise of continuing.  If your child is interested in learning either the bagpipes or the snare / tenor drum then please contact the Band.