Saturday 29th August
Wedding of band members Keith and Miranda

Guests from Kernow Pipes and Drums –

Nigel, Alex, Tom G, Rob, Ian, David C, John C, Felicity, Allan, Caroline, Tom W, |John R, Andrew, Fred, Vic, Eleanor, Keith I, Daniel, Adam , Marie, Margaret, Heather, Jennie, Gill, Jo, Deanne, Helen, Mark, Roz

It was an amazing wedding event held in the open air amphitheatre situated near Redruth. The location was Gennnap Pit, made famous by one of the co-founders of the Methodist Church, John Wesley (1703-1791), an Anglican Minister and theologian.

The wedding of Miranda and Keith, members of the Band, was a dramatic vision to the 200 or so guests seated around on the grassy steps. The weather behaved throughout the event, cloudy and sunny at times and dry. The wedding was to start at 15.00 hours but as some of the members were to be ushers, most of them arrived by 13.30. The Band had a short practice before the Ceremony began and then formed a Guard of Honour on one side of the pit for the Bridegroom and Best Man (his daughter) and two ‘groomsmaids’ as they descended the grassy steps towards the bottom centre of the pit as the Bride descended from the other side with her Attendants and accompanied by Jenny, the lay preacher conducting the service.

It was a spectacular scene with the Bride in a long flowing red and black tiered dress and the Groom in a full length red velvet coat encrusted with rhinestones! After the initial proceedings the Bride and Groom ascended the Pit to the top and went on to the Chapel to sign the Register during which the Band played until the Couple returned to exchange rings and vows.

The Ceremony was followed by a party in the Little Big Top set in the Stone Field just a short car ride away. Miranda and Keith had already arrived and were sitting in a decorated Land Rover ready to receive their guests. Meanwhile drinks were handed round followed by a 5.30 cream tea and the Guests circulated greeting friends and relations while the children enjoyed the bouncy castle.

18.00 hours and everyone was seated with a glass of fizzy in their hands for the toasts. First came a lively talk by a long-standing friend of the Bride, talking of their shared past, how they met, and bringing up their children etc, and everyone was invited to join in the Toast to Friends and Family. Next a speech from Keith’s daughter, both emotive and inspirational. And a Toast. Keith took the mike and said he was a shy person and everyone laughed with him, looking at his flamboyant dress. He spoke well, thanking Gemma, his daughter who had made the beautiful red cake, his Mum for having him and to Miranda and everyone who had helped make this special day. He related how they had met via the internet, almost by accident, and then proposed a Toast to his new wife.

Miranda came forward and they cut the cake and then the entertainment began, starting with solos from Nigel, which included the catchy Itchy Fingers, to much applause with, later on, Andrew and Tom repeating the splendid sword dance they first performed at the Band’s Burn’s Night celebrations in January.

The Writer cannot do full justice to this spectacular Wedding Day, nor the remaining time at the party having had to leave the scene at 19.00 hours, thus foregoing the very full and exciting entertainment that followed during the evening. This included some amazing ballroom dancing from Miranda and Keith. But the vision of the lovely Wedding in a wonderful venue is perhaps one that will never completely fade from one’s memory.