Saturday 8th July
Newquay Carnival

Pipers: Miranda, Emma, Felicity, Alex, John, Keith and Nigel
Drums: Sue, Beth, Eleanor, Keith, Tom and Chris

The band played at Newquay Carnival with a good turn out of 7 pipers and 6 drummers and, in pleasant weather, we played to the welcoming crowds who were delighted by the band’s performance as we passed along Narrowcliff and Bank Street to the top of the Harbour. Newquay is a long parade and we did well to keep going for the duration. We played three sets ; High Road to Gairloch, Murdo’s Wedding; Cockney Jocks, Rainbow Country, Bluebells of Scotland and Colin’s Cattle, Shoals of Herring.

Good sound and great effort by all, including Kelvyn in support role and who prevented a dog from attacking Tom!