Saturday 30th June 7pm
Mevagissey Carnival

Pipers:  Stuart, Alex, Tom G, Tony, Miranda, Keith G, Ian, Chris, David, Keith N

Drums: Snare – Tom W, James; Tenor – Amber; Bass – Keith I

Drum Major: Geoff

The Carnival was the culmination of Mevagissey Feast Week and although it had been raining most of the day the evening’s event did look promising as by 6.30 the clouds had cleared and the sun shone. Soon the Band was assembled, tuning up and rehearsing their music as the various floats and fancy dressers arrived in their entertaining apparel. No 1 dress was worn with bonnets and the Band looked very impressive. The Carnival, due to start at 7.30, finally made it out on the road at 7.40 – it was to be 35 minutes before they started back on the return journey up the hill again to the car park.

The St Austell Brass Band made an appearance as did the Samba Band and a colourful crowd of drummers and dancers with an Asian theme. The Band brought up the rear of the parade and was as usual well received by the watching crowds lining the pavements along the route to the town square. Several times they stopped and formed a circle playing to an appreciative public.

As in previous years hot pasties were handed round after the march, and were very much welcomed by the Band, the evening now being quite cold – and thankfully capes were not needed and bonnets kept dry!