Saturday 8th September
Truro Carnival 

Pipers: Nigel, Alex, Rob, Tom, David, Chris, Tony, Miranda, Keith G, Keith N

Drummers: Snare – James

Bass – Keith I

Tenor – Amber

Banner: Andrew

As the weather had been glorious all day, there were high hopes that this would continue into the evening for the Truro Carnival. It was gone four pm when we arrived at the entrance to the Park, the pre arranged meeting place for the Band. The Carnival officials showed us the parking places reserved at the roadside where bollards had been placed. This was good news and we parked and waited for the ten pipers and three drummers to join us.

The No 1 dress was to be worn and at the last minute it was decided to change the bonnets for glengarries (for those who had brought them) as it was so hot.  The park was full of life when the band struck up to practice, with fancy dressers, carnival queens and fairy queens and their attendants, highly decorated lorries, and miniature steam engines. There were also the usual commercial vehicles and tractors.

The Town Crier was announcing the judging results as the Band took their place in the procession on the road.

The parade started ten minutes late as the roads through the town were slow to clear of traffic. After the road safety car, the Town Crier led the Carnival at 10 past six followed by the British Legion Standard Bearer and the Kernow Pipes & Drums.

There was cheering and enthusiastic clapping as the Band passed the crowded pavements on the way down through the town to Lemon Quay.

Once in place,  they formed a circle and played a medley of tunes which included the following – Waters of Kylesku, Skye Boat Song, Morag of Dunvegan, Green Hills, When the Battle’s O’er, Scotland the Brave, Marie’s Wedding, Rowan Tree, Wings, Bonnie Galloway, Highland Cathedral, and the Last of the Great Whales.

The British Legion Set was played consisting of Pack up your Troubles, It’s a long way to Tipperary and Keep the Home Fires Burning.

By 7 pm the Members were on their way home. It had been a good Carnival and yet another triumph for the Kernow Pipes and Drums and the weather had not let them down!