Sunday afternoon 11th November
Armistace Day Parade – Truro

Pipers: Nigel, Alex, Rob, Miranda, Keith G, Ian, Tom G, Chris, David, Tony, Keith N, Mike

Drummers: Snare – James, Tom W, Bass – Keith Ives

Drum Major: Geoff

By 2.30 the twelve pipers, three drummers and Drum Major were assembled at Lemon Quay awaiting the start of the Parade. The dress code for this parade was the same as the morning with bonnets replacing the Glengarries. Previous to this four members of the band made an impressive sound with “Last of the Great Whales” while playing in the underpass much to the interest of bystanders.

The weather was cold but dry and sunny as the members walked to the start of the procession.  It was a similar procedure to that in the morning except the main service was to take place in Truro Cathedral. The Parade were to “stand easy” as the Brass Band played during the wreath laying and the Bugler played the Last Post and there followed two minutes’ silence, Soon after there was a rousing rendition of “God Save the Queen” and the Lord Lieutenant took his place on the Podium to take the Salute as the Parade marched past. It was led by the 6th Rifles, to the appreciation and enthusiastic sound of clapping from the audience. The Standard Bearers were close behind, followed by the Kernow Band, the British Legion Riders on their bikes, the representatives from the Armed Forces, Cadets, Guides, Scouts and many more organisations.

On arrival at the Cathedral the Band formed a wide crescent and continued to play as the Dignitaries and remaining parade entered the Cathedral for the Memorial Service. A solo piper played Trelawney outside the Cathedral and later two other pipers played solos.

The Band was then free to enjoy half an hour’s break for refreshment in the warm British Legion Club before returning to the Cathedral to escort the Standard Bearers back to the British Legion.