Saturday 20th August
St. Merryn Carnival

Pipers: Nigel, Alex, Keith G, Miranda, Tom G, David C, John C, Felicity, Donny, Allan
Drummers: Snare – Andrew, Chris, Eleanor, Tenor – Fred, Vic, Bass – Keith I

Although it was a disappointing forecast for the Carnival day, of wild winds and rain, it was an outstanding turnout of 16 members of the Kernow Band, being 10 pipers and 6 drummers. Whilst they waited to see if the heavy downpours and blustery winds would stop, it was wondered whether the event would be cancelled.

But by 18.30 hours it was evident the Carnival participants were stoic in their determination and the show would go on, as the field was gradually filling up with fancy dressers, tractors, and decorated lorries and trailers. Meanwhile the members were meeting and greeting and donning their rain capes preparing to warm up the pipes.

19.00 hours and the Parade started and the rain stopped as the blustery winds eased. The Silver Band from Hayle led the Carnival out on to the wet streets, followed closely by the Steam Engine and the walking in fancy dress and the Kernow Band and decorated floats and tractors. The Crossroads were crowded with local families and holiday visitors cheering and clapping as the Pipes and Drums were approaching. There was a good Carnival atmosphere in the crowds in spite of the weather conditions, as it seemed they were not allowing the poor weather to dampen their enjoyment.

As last year, the procession turned right and down the short road to turn a full circle in the field and return on the same route to the recreation field. Tunes played during the Carnival included the following – Green Hills/Battles O’er, Cockney Jocks/Rainbow Country/Bluebells from Scotland, High Road to Gairloch/Murdo’s Wedding/The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie.