Saturday 8th October
Launceston Carnival

Pipers: Keith, Miranda, Felicity, Alex, Donny, David C, Allan, Emma, Dave T and Nigel.
Snares: Eleanor, Chris and Sullivan. Bass: Sue

The Band met in Launceston at the Royal British Legion and after a cup of tea were transported down to the start point at the bottom of the hill. Luckily the weather was fine so the hour wait for the carnival to move off was not bad at all as we watched the other participants assembling and, of course, warmed up and tuned the pipes. It is quite a physical challenge to play going up hill so we took it slowly and rested whenever the parade stopped. The top of the route was packed and the old town Southgate gave us all an ‘Edinburgh Castle moment ‘ as we marched through playing Scotland the Brave. As always the crowds were enjoying the parade and all were given a warm reception.

After the show, we enjoyed the lovely sandwiches and homemade cakes with a welcome cup of tea from the ladies in the Legion. I am convinced that they have all been ‘Bake-off’ contestants! Our thanks and we look forward to next year!

Tunes played were: Green Hills/ Battles O’er, Cockney Jocks/Rainbow Country/Bluebells of Scotland, High Road to Gaerloch/Murdo’s Wedding/Bonny Lass of Fyvie and Last of the Great Whales.