Sunday 5th June
The Para Regt Assoc Military Parade – Trebah Gardens Falmouth 

Pipers:  Nigel, Alex, Rob, Keith G, Miranda, Tom G, David C, John C, Donny, Felicity, Matt, John E
Drummers: Snare – Tom W, Geoff, John R, Eleanor, Chris, Tenor – Fred, Vic, Bass – Keith I, Sue
Drum Major – Andrew

The joy of the stunning weather at Trebah Gardens was surpassed only by the spectacular performance of the Kernow Band and the impressive turnout of 22 musicians – the highest ever recorded. By 10.15 hours the 12 pipers, 9 drummers and Drum Major had assembled in the car park ready for a tune-up. The dress code was No 1 Dress with medals and pipe ribbons for those that had them.

The gardens were filling up with visitors as the WWII vehicles took their place on the front drive of the house with appropriately dressed drivers of the era. At 11.30 hours the Band led the parade of standard bearers along the descending road to the top lawn of the house whereupon the standard bearers were dismissed. The Band formed a large semi-circle on the lawn and played for half an hour to the seated veterans and guests. In the following hour there was light entertainment provided by the Falmouth Shout Shanty Singers.

After the welcome lunch kindly provided by the Organisers there were vehicles taking the veterans and guests down through the gardens to the beach in readiness for the Memorial Service. While this was taking place the Band and Standard Bearers walked down through the woods to a point just above the beach prior to the standards being marched down the slipway to the beach.

The Service was conducted by the Rev. Tudor Botwood R.N. who also did the introduction. After the hymns and prayers, the Last Post, Exhortation and Reveille there was the Laying of Wreaths to the Men of the U.S. 29 Division who left Trebah for the landing on Omaha Beach and the Men of the Airborne Divisions. During the Wreath Laying Ceremony the Lament was emotively played by the Pipe Major to the listening crowd. There followed the Blessing and the Standards were marched to the front of the beach to await the helicopter’s arrival where it would drop the RNLI Wreath on the water.

The Band formed a semi-circle on the beach and played for half an hour to the visitors who showed their appreciation. The helicopter came on time after circling the area, and as it hovered over the chosen place for the wreath, the sea whipped up and everyone on the beach and beyond received a fine cooling spray. 15.30 hours and the Veterans and Standard Bearers returned to the top lawn and while some of the Band accepted lifts, others walked up through the magnificent gardens enjoying the vegetation and views. It wasn’t quite the end of the programme as the Ritzy Belles were entertaining at 16.00 hours with their 40/50s songs. The Pipe Major returned to the front lawn for the Sunset Ceremony.

It had been a very enjoyable day, in amazing surroundings with wonderful weather and the Band had more than surpassed itself.

Tunes played during the day had included – (on the march) High Road to Gairloch Set, (static) Green Hill, Battles O’er Set, Scotland the Brave Set, Cockney Jocks Set, Drummers 6/8, Colin’s Cattle/Shoals of Herring, Highland Cathedral/Dark Isle, Last of the Great Whales.