Saturday 25th April
Trevithick Day – Camborne


Pipers: Nigel, Alex, Ian, Keith G, Tom G, Miranda, Chris, David C, John C, Felicity

Drummers: Snare – Tom W, John R, Eleanor (Debut), Tenor – Fred, Vic, Bass – Keith I

Drum Major – Andrew


It was overcast in Camborne with a chill wind that lasted throughout the morning. It was Trevithick Day,  a significant date in Camborne’s calendar. This is a yearly celebration of the time when Richard Trevithick, who was educated in Camborne produced the world’s first steam engine to run on rails, one of his many achievements.  It was a very good turnout of 10 pipers, drum major, 6 drummers including a newest young member making her very impressive debut on the snare drum. 

The dress code was No 2s with Glengarries, and for the first time the Band were sporting ties of the Hunting tartan matching the kilts.  At 10.00 hours the Band marched down from the Vyvian Arms to the Town Square. Both sides of the road were packed with visitors and locals as they enjoyed the many food outlets and stalls. The roads around Camborne were closed from 07.00 hours until 17.00 hours and there was a long and varied programme of events for the day. Some of the events included were The Tamar Valley Morris Dancers, Cornish Wurzels, St Aubyn Singers, Supreme Star Majorettes and the Massed Band of Camborne Music Society, to name but a few.  

On arrival at the Square the band formed a semi-circle and played until the Camborne Premier Silver Band led the parade of the children dancing Bal Maidens and Miners and miniature steam engines, large steam engine, and stilt walker along the main street. They then played on until 11.00 hours when the Holman Climax Male Voice Choir came on. The audience were generous in their enthusiastic applause, as usual the Band played at their very best and on finishing, some members were eagerly asked when they were next due to play! 

There was an hour’s break before assembling at the corner of New Connexion Street where they played until 13.00 hours to a packed audience and ten minutes before finishing the rain started and soon after the Band were dismissed. 

Tunes played on the march – Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Wings, Bonny Galloway – Scotland the Brave, Mairi’s Wedding, Collin’s Cattle, Shoals of Herring – Cockney Jocks, Rainbow Country, Bluebells of Scotland. Tunes played whilst static – Amazing Grace, Highland Cathedral, Last of the Great Whales, Dark Isle, Waters of Kylesku, Skye Boat Song, Morag of Dunvegan, Pack up your Troubles, Tipperary, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Auld Lang Syne, Na awa tae bide awa.