Saturday 3rd May
Saltash Lions May Festival

Pipers: Nigel, Stuart, Alex, Tom G, Miranda, David C, Chris, Matt, David T

Drummers: Snare – Geoff, Tom W, Tenor – Andrew, Vic, Fred

It was a cold cloudy day with chill winds but thankfully it was dry as the Kernow Band met at 10.30 hours in the Saltash Fire Station car park. It had been arranged for them to use the parking area and the facilities inside for changing and refreshments. This was very much appreciated by everyone. With nine pipers and five drummers it was a good turnout and the dress code was No 2s. The Band were booked for two sessions in the arena for approximately half an hour each – the first performance at 11.45 hours and the second at 14.30 hours.

By 11.30 hours the Band were on their way down to the recreation field where it could be heard the May Fair was in full swing. The large field was already crowded with families bent on enjoyment of the entertainment. There were fairground rides, bouncy castles, donkey cart rides, flower and plant stalls, and numerous food outlets round the outside of the field with a roped off arena in the centre for the Band and other entertainments.

Already playing in the field were two pipers from a band in Brittany (Bagad Plougastell Andarre) with a Bretonne Celtic Dance Group (Bleuniou Sivi) all in colourful Traditional Dress. On completion of their performance the pipers were invited to play with the Kernow Band. Alain played the pipes and joined in with many of the tunes and played impressive Seconds during Highland Cathedral.

Tunes played during the two appearances included the following – Amazing Grace, Highland Cathedral, Green Hills/Battles O’er, Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree/Wings/Bonny Galloway, Scotland the Brave/Mairi’s Wedding, Collin’s Cattle/Shoals of Herring, Cockney Jocks/Rainbow Country/Bluebells of Scotland, Waters of Kylesku/Skye Boat Song/Morag of Dunvegan, Auld Lang Syne/Na awa tae bide awa, The Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie, The Last of The Great Whales and the Drummers gave a lively 6/8 drum rendition.

There followed a two hour break and the Band Members took advantage of the warmth of the Station’s recreation room. The sun had come out briefly by the time of the second performance and the Band was again joined by Alain and also by Gildas who played the chanter and they played a lively duet to everyone’s enjoyment.

By 15.30 hours the Band had marched off the arena, to enthusiastic applause from the onlookers, finishing their playing in the formation of a circle and the Band was dismissed.

It had been an entertaining event, the Kernow Band had been at their best with the additional inspirational talent of the musicians from Brittany.