Charlestown Carnival 2018

Pipers : Nigel, Keith G, John, Donny, Emma, Ali
Drummers: Bass – Keith I, Tenor – Kelvyn, Snare – Steve, Matt
The pavements of Charlestown were packed with visitors and locals as they waited for the Carnival to start – an event forming part of Regatta week which had included a full and varied programme of events of live music, competitions, and water sports. It was early evening and the weather was still very close after a hot day as the Kernow Band met at David and Deanne’s house to be ferried down to the harbour in just three cars as parking was at a premium in the holiday village. They had a cuppa and cream tea as they waited for the arrival of all members. Dress code was Day Dress – shirt sleeves and no ties – with glengarries, and the Band were joined by guest drummers from Truro Pipes and Drums, Matt and Steve.
The Carnival field was bursting with life as the Kernow Band tuned up for the procession which started on time at 19.00 hours. St Austell Town Band led the parade followed by what seemed hundreds of fancy dressers depicting both humorous and serious themes. There were acrobats and dancers, a mad hatter’s tea party, and dancing dressed-up rabbits, and rowing gig and classic cars to name but a few of the participants. The Kernow Band had the last slot in the procession and were received with enthusiasm and loud cheering as they made their way down to the roundabout to turn off the main road and come round in a circle to return up the road to the Carnival field.
The Band were then dismissed and the members went looking for a welcome refreshing drink. It had been a well organised event as per usual, in a lovely picturesque village, and the Band had been impressive and were well received and appreciated. Some members stayed a little longer to enjoy live entertainment and later on a massive firework display.