Thursday 24th January 2013

An early celebration of Burns’ Night

Pipers: Alex, Tom, David

Drummers:  Andrew, Amber

The bitter cold of the night was tempered by the very warm welcome by the Cubs and their Leaders in their hut on Thursday night. Five representatives of the Kernow Band had been invited to join the Cubs in their celebration of Burns’ Night – a return visit from two years ago. On entering the room the twenty or so cubs were seated on the floor awaiting our arrival and permission was given to take photos. There was also a photographer attending from a local Cornish paper.

To demonstrate the various uniforms one piper wore No 1s, with full bonnet and plaid, another wore No 2s, with Glengarry and jacket, the third wore the Summer dress and the fourth came in his Scoutmaster uniform and the youngest member wore her kilt and neck ruffles.

The Band members were introduced separately to their audience and started the evening with Scotland The Brave and Marie’s Wedding followed by the Three Slow Airs. One piper played Last of the Great Whales and another played a lively jig called Itchy Fingers.

A history of Rabbie Burns was then relayed followed by questions and answers.  Time was then dedicated to showing how the bagpipes worked and letting the cubs have a try. There was some instructions on the chanters, with Cubs trying them out and also having a go on the drums.

The visit was finished with the Pipers and Drummers playing Auld Lang Syne and everyone enjoying taking to the floor.  The Cubs rounded off the evening with a resounding Bravo and thanks to the Band.