Saturday 21st September
St Ives Festival  

Pipers:  Keith G,  Miranda, Alex, David C, Tom G, Ian

Tenor Drummers:  – Andrew, Fred

St Ives was held in misty drizzly weather as the Band members once more assembled at a member’s home for a ferry down to the town centre. The Dress code for the day was No 3s which included glengarries, hairy sporrans, spats and white shirts but waistcoats and jackets were left behind as the weather was turning warm.

The Band was to play in similar venues to the previous Saturday’s event but in a different order and this time their final slot was in the spectacular Tate St Ives.

The first venue was around 13.30 outside the New Craftsman and the second was in the Royal Square around 14.15. As there was a gap of only fifteen minutes to fill before their third slot, the Band entered the Queens Head for light refreshment before they marched and played down to the Lifeboat Station in the Harbour at 15.00 hours.

Now the sun was shining on the shimmering sea and the crowds of late summer holidaymakers in greater numbers were in evidence. At each slot the Band played from 20 to 30 minutes. The audience were as generous in their appreciative clapping and cheering of the Acting Band Leader’s humour and the Band’s performance as in their donations in the collecting bucket. The fourth playing took place in the Old Slipway after a short march and play along the Harbour Road.

After a walk along the narrow picturesque streets of the Town the Members arrived to play at the Tate St Ives at 15.40 where the acoustics in the entrance Foyer of that building were spectacular.

A Band photo shoot followed their final tune and when some colourful dancers entered the Foyer, the ladies were invited to be included in the photo and the invitation was accepted.

The Town’s Carnival atmosphere was much in evidence as shown by the various acts of dancers, singers and musicians performing outside or just wandering by on their way to their next venue.

Tunes played during the day included – Amazing Grace, Highland Cathedral, Rainbow Country, Bluebells of Scotland, Waters of Kylesku, Skye Boat Song, Morag of Dunvegan, Flower of Scotland, Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battles O’er, Last of the Great Whales, Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Wings, Bonny Galloway, Mairi’s Wedding, Dark Isle, Cockney Jocks, Colin’s Cattle, and Shoals of Herring.

In spite of the attendant Band members being reduced by more than half their usual number their expertise, humour and enthusiasm shone through with their playing which was received by a receptive audience wherever they stopped and played.