Saturday 27th April
Trevithick Day – Camborne

Pipers: Nigel, Alex Mc, Stuart, Ian, David, Chris, Miranda, Keith G,

Drummers: Snare: James, Geoff, Tom W

Tenor: Tom G, Andrew

Although it was a bright sunny day, there was a bitterly cold wind as we made our way to Camborne to join in the celebration of the Inventor Richard Trevithick who played a major part in the development of steam engines in Cornwall’s tin and copper mines. It was Camborne’s fortieth anniversary of putting on this well attended and popular event.

Day Dress was worn and the Band had two slots to play in the programme at 1015 and 1215 and the mean wind chill factor resulted in many a cold hand on the pipes when the sun disappeared behind a cloud. Needless to say there was a good turnout of members resulting in eight pipers and five drummers. Already the streets were filling up as we made our way down from the Council car park to the town centre, stopping only for a warming coffee in the Pub. So far the rain had not materialised even though showers were forecast.

The atmosphere on the streets of Camborne was alive and buzzing with excitement and anticipation as families found a place on the pavements. Stallholders had already set up their stalls and a local choir was singing heartily to a crowd as we passed. By 1015 the Camborne Town Band led the procession of dancing Bal Maidens and Miners and local school children followed by a collection of Miniature steam engines.

This was the start of an impressive programme of events held at various venues around the town which included local bands and choirs, Majorettes, live theatre, and an arts and crafts exhibition to name but a few.

The first slot of 45 minutes followed the Holman Climax Men’s Choir and after the Musical Director introduced the Kernow Band to the large audience in the Square the Band played Green Hills and Battles O’er, followed by the Three Slow Airs Set – Waters of Kylesku, Skye Boat Song, Morag of Dunvegan. Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Wings and Bonnie Galloway then followed. Included also in the first performance were Highland Cathedral, The Last of the Great Wales, Amazing Grace, Colin’s Cattle and Shoals of Herring. The Finale of the morning was Auld Lang Syne and Na Awa Tae Bide Awa.  The Band left the Square to much applause and sounds of “more, more” could be heard.

The next two hours were pleasantly spent chatting and drinking coffee in the warmth of Wetherspoons. It was a great relief to everyone to escape the coldness of the wind. At 1215 the Band assembled on the Tyacks Roundabout and formed a circle to play to a large appreciative audience. The music was much as played on the first slot with the inclusion of The British Legion Set. The Drum Corps also took solos during both performances. It was about 1300 hours that the Musical Director thanked the audience and the Band was dismissed. The Pipers and Drummers had been at their very best and the audience enthusiastically showed their appreciation.

Some members went home and some stayed to enjoy the continuing celebrations in the town while others partook of a very tasty and nourishing and welcome Hog Roast on that chilly day.  It had all been yet one more enjoyable experience listening to the music of the Kernow Pipes and Drums Band!