Sunday 1st September
Social gathering – Picnic and BBQ on Carn Marth

Present –  Nigel, Deller, Alex, Mairi, Chris, Jenny, Miranda, Keith G, Matt, Tom G, Margaret, Andrew, Amber, Alex,  Keith I, Geoff, Ann, David, Deanne, Mark & family, Tallulah & Rocko (the dogs)

With glorious weather on hand for a picnic in the beautiful setting that is Carn Marth, the afternoon was set for a highly successful gathering of band members and their families plus dogs. Indeed, two better behaved and well mannered dogs would be hard to find.

At the appointed time of 12 noon, the participants were to be seen coming down the hilly path and grassy steps of the Amphitheatre in their family groups carrying picnic bags and barbeques. These ranged from the gas powered to portables and tiny disposables – the latter sort were to be well balanced on ladders to avoid damaging the grass.

There was a good turnout of 11 members which together with relatives came to 23. Once settled in a large circle with chairs and  tables –   it was time to cook and soon a smokey haze spread mouth watering aromas around the quarry. During the preparation and partaking of lunch there was socializing and catching up on events.

Later on the pipes and drums came out and the Band repertoire was played – four pipers played the fast catchy number entitled Itchy Fingers and several played solos which included Abide with Me, Land of my Fathers, Bonny Galloway and Danny Boy. The sound was amazing – joyfully filling the Amphitheatre, enjoyed by the audience and walkers who paused to rest on the grassy seats.

The soft lazy feel of the afternoon moved on slowly and while some listened to the music others walked to the top of the stony lane to enjoy the incredible panoramic view of the countryside. Around 16.00 hours the site was being cleared up – there was a slight breeze felt as the sun slid down behind the high rocky ledge of the quarry – a time to don some extra clothing. It had been a super Getogether with friends in spectacular surroundings, but all too soon goodbyes had to be said and all were on their way home.