Saturday 16th August
St Merryn Carnival

Pipers: Keith G, Miranda, Tom W, Stuart, David C, John, Felicity

Drummers: Snare – James, Tom W, Tenor – Fred, Bass – Keith I

Drum Major – Andrew

The cloudy evening turned to a heavy shower then light drizzle before settling to a cool dry evening. It was decided that capes would not be worn at the event and the Dress Code was Day Dress with jackets. The Members met in the Carnival field for 17.00 hours and the area was already filling up with children in fancy dress, various themed floats, and decorated lorries and cars.

The Carnival Procession started down the road at 19.00 hours led by a giant traction engine plus stylish caravan followed by the Silver Band and walking fancy dressers, giant trailers with comical themes, and a long stream of various tractors and there were the Fairy Queens in decorated cars.

The Band’s position was around the middle of the Parade and received much appreciation from the crowded roads full of holiday makers and locals – and positive comments were heard regarding the Cornish Flag flying from the pipes!

The route was different this year in that the procession turned right at the very crowded crossroads – instead of marching straight on – and then right again further down the road, turning into a field – to wait until the rest of the procession had caught up before turning round for the return journey.

Tunes played during the evening included the following – Green Hills/Battles O’er, Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree/Wings/Bonny Galloway,  Scotland the Brave/Mairi’s Wedding, Collin’s Cattle/Shoals of Herring, Cockney Jocks/Rainbow Country/Bluebells of Scotland.

The Parade was over in 45 minutes and just as the Members settled themselves back in their respective cars the heavens opened with torrential rain!