Another great band dinner and Ceiledh at St Mawes! Yet again Keith, our bass player and culinary expert, did a fantastic job in preparing us a varied and delicious menu. A huge effort on his part, which was very much appreciated by all of us. As always, Marie and Alex also ensured the evening ran smoothly.

Nigel started the entertainment and played a couple of sets between courses. After the coffee had been served, Davy and Steve did a duo session with a difference with Steve skilfully playing a bongo drum while Davy put an upbeat rumba style into his piping. They played The Gael, Amazing Grace, Green Hills and Scotland the Brave which got us all clapping! Then Allan took to the floor and sang a couple of ballads from Scotland before the dancing started with many taking to the floor. It was a welcome rest to play ‘pass the parcel’ with a twist in that as players were ‘caught out’ they had to put a pound coin in the box so there was a good cash prize for the winner after some quick handy work by all. The band finished the evening’s entertainment and played the Dangerous Jim, Cockney Jocks, Highland Cathedral, Paddy be Easy and Scotland the Brave sets before all joined in for Auld Lang Syne. Particularly pleased with how well we played Paddy !

A lovely evening out with great food and company. Our thanks to the team from St Mawes for all their efforts in making the night such a great success!